Success Story: Merlot

Early last year, the Rhyne family spent months looking for a second dog to join their family and existing pup, nine-year-old Tucky. As soon as they met Merlot – now named Cisco - at the shelter, they knew she was the one, even though they never expected to adopt a puppy! Today, now known as Cisco, she is living her best life with her new family, and has a special bond with her human brother. Thank you so much to the Rhyne family for sharing your story!


How did you find out about CCA and Merlot?

Early last year, I was a new-ish stay-at-home mom, and one night for some “me” time, I randomly decided to visit Petsmart to look at the dogs up for adoption. While I didn’t come home with a new addition that night, my search for a second dog began then.

It was important to us to adopt a dog that would be comfortable both with our existing dog, Tucky, as well as our 19-month-old son. I had been looking for three months and had filled out quite a few applications and met several dogs but wasn’t convinced that any of them were the “one.” I saw a dog from CCA on PetFinder and reached out to learn more. From there, CCA’s Adoptions Director, Renee, suggested several CCA pups that might be a good match for our family. Merlot was one of them.


What drew you to Merlot in the first place?
After looking for dogs that were two to five years old, we never expected to get a puppy. However, four-month-old Merlot was one of the pups Renee suggested might be a good match for my family. After meeting her, my heart and mind started racing!

I shared with my husband my thoughts on her and how I thought she was the one. He affectionately calls me “the dog lady” and he trusted me completely in my selection because of my experience managing a boarding kennel and having some background in training and such. So, it was on! We arranged a time for Renee to bring her to us and conduct the home visit, and before we knew it, she was here in our home where she belongs!

We ended up calling her about 10 different names at first because we wanted to get to know her before settling on one. We decided to name named her Cisco after the buckskin horse in Dances with Wolves. She has the same coloring and is devoted to us already just like Cisco the horse who keeps returning home each time he is taken from his master.

Do you have any other animals? If so, how did it go bringing her into your home?
We also have an older dog, a mix named Tucky who I adopted 10 years ago. She and Cisco get along amazing! My sister and brother in law have a beagle, and Cisco and him quickly became best friends. She has yet to meet a dog that isn't her friend!

What is your favorite story/experience with Cisco since you’ve had her?
This is a hard one...there are many! I will share one of my favorites…

I was in our carport sweeping while my two-year old was riding his balance bike (he practically lives on it). I hadn't seen him in a couple of minutes, so I instinctively went to go make sure he was ok. I walked around the back of the house and saw him sitting on the hill with his bike beside him and his arm draped across Cisco's back. She was laying beside him contentedly and both of them were just sweetly looking out over the hill. It was so cute! I tried my best to get a picture before the moment was gone.


Do you have anything to share about your adoption experience with CCA?
I was so happy with everything to do with CCA. I took my son with me to look at dogs and met with a volunteer. I felt no pressure to adopt and everyone I interacted with was so helpful. The shelter was clean and there wasn’t a million dogs. Renee was very helpful and available for my many questions along the way, and it is clear that she cares about the animals even after they are placed in their forever homes. I have shared pictures with her now, nearly a year later!


Is there anything else about Cisco that you would like to share?
There are so many things about her that I love. One of the most amazing things about her is how very sweet and tolerant she is with young children and their shenanigans! She isn't scared or insecure. My son plays with her and walks her around the yard on a leash, and she never pulls on him. She is also amazing off leash! She stays with us no matter what is going on around us. She is the perfect hiking dog! Her energy level is ideal as well. She is happy to play and happy to sleep in her bed!

Thank you Concerned Citizens for helping us find our next family member! My husband keeps saying I outdid myself...and he is right!