Located in Simpsonville, CCA’s shelter boasts five acres of land in a quiet, rural setting. Surrounded by trees and nature trails, the animals have an opportunity to enjoy a calm atmosphere with a variety of sights, sounds and smells to enrich their days. The shelter is maintained by an on-site caretaker as well as a team of volunteers.

For our K-9 residents, the shelter provides 12 outdoor and 8 indoor kennels and an isolation run. For exercise and socialization, there are two play yards for off-leash play groups as well as an open field and shaded nature path for walks.


Feline residents are housed in one of three play rooms, divided by general population and expectant mothers and kittens. Each room is furnished with cat condos and window sills for relaxing, and one of the play areas is a screened-in patio, providing a bit of fresh air to our outdoor cats.

The CCA shelter is surrounded by a memorial brick courtyard, evidence of the generous support CCA has received over the years from both businesses and individuals who support our work and seek to honor a beloved pet (or person) who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. In fact, the property is also the final resting place of many animals that have passed. Our on-site pet cemetery provides an opportunity to honor and remember our pets that are no longer with us. The cemetery is open to the public. To arrange details or learn more, please contact us.   

Shelter operations would not be possible without both donations and volunteer support from the community. Click here to learn more about how you can help.