Success Story: Champ (Now Milo)

In July, the Leach family set out to find a new pup to add to their family, including their existing pack of two dogs and two cats. They found Champ on Petfinder, adopted him and the rest is history! The below story is from Champ’s new family, who named him Milo. Thank you so much to the Leach family for sharing!


We were searching for a dog who would have a calm personality and love to be around his people, particularly guys since our household is mainly men. Using Petfinder, we found CCA (which is about three hours from our home). Adopting with CCA was a great experience. We love the facility that they have and have tried to donate when possible to help with their mission. They truly care about where their animals are placed. We adopted Champ July 5, 2018.

Ready for Christmas!

Ready for Christmas!

When we saw Champ’s ears, we fell in love with them! We continued to read about him and everyone kept saying how he was good around other dogs and that he seemed to be non-reactive toward most dogs when on walks etc. So we arranged to go meet him, and we took our dachshund mix with us because it was key they could get along. They did great together! Champ was absolutely fine with him.

We had two dogs and two cats before Champ joined us, and he does very well with everyone. Our dogs are both small, and we have found that Champ tries to make himself smaller as he plays. He is the baby in the house: he just turned 2 in November 2018, and our other pets are 10+ years old. We renamed him “Milo.”

There are so many things we love about Milo! When he rides in the car, he sits in the back seat like a human and looks out the window.

He loves to play catch. We have never had a dog who liked to play ball and actually brings it back to us!

He is a dream to walk with. Overall, he is very non-reactive to other dogs on walks. Our last big dog reacted terrible to other dogs, so we love that we can walk Milo without the stress when we pass others.

Thank you for taking him in at his time of need, taking care of him, and letting us adopt him!

Milo snuggling on the couch with his brother Maxx

Milo snuggling on the couch with his brother Maxx

Riding in the car

Riding in the car



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